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Sandwich is the oldest town in New Wheatland. Lunchtime to the people of Sandwich is very important. At noon every day, shop owners close their doors. Children race home from school. People rush in every direction. The streets are full.

Kyle and Susie love going home for lunch, especially to eat their favorite sandwich, peanut butter and jelly. Today, Kyle and Susie invite Jenna, the new girl at school, to share in their special lunchtime adventure. She has nowhere else to go and they wouldn't want to leave her behind. Besides, Jenna doesn't know about all the fun they have every day at lunchtime. Won't she be surprised!

The children sing as they skip all the way home, through the centre of Sandwich, past the Sandwich Town Hall, past the Sandwich Post Office and finally past the Sandwich bakery.

"PB and J for me, PB and J for you... PB and J for me, and PB and J for you... There's nothing better than, nothing compares to... There's nothing better than PB and J... hooray!"

Mr. Pumpernickel waves from his bakery as he tosses them a huge loaf of sandwich bread. Kyle and Susie are very excited about how delicious their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are going to taste. Jenna is smiling as she hurries to keep up with them. She's just so happy to be included.

Kyle, Susie and Jenna finally arrive home on Sourdough Avenue. As they walk through the bread-shaped front door and into the spotless front hall, their excitement soars.

Kyle slowly opens the kitchen door and there, standing before them, is their mother drying the last dish from breakfast that morning. "Mom, meet our new friend, Jenna. Her family just moved to Sandwich," proclaims Susie with Jenna at her side. "How wonderful. Welcome, Jenna. I'm sure my children will show you how very special lunchtime is in the town of Sandwich," reassures their mother as she gives Jenna a big smile and leaves the kitchen.

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